Split Personality

by Ryan Jordan

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released January 12, 2018

Ryan Jordan - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, Hammond organ
Kyle Ruggieri - drums
Chantal Ambroise - vocals
Rob Krahn - trombone
Andrew Krahn - saxophone
Julian Dessler - trumpet
Quinn Carson - trombone
Lex Schmidt - percussion

Composed, arranged, and produced by Ryan Jordan and Kyle Ruggieri
Lyrics by Ryan Jordan
Horn arrangements by Rob Krahn
Album art by Ryan Jordan
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Holland at Chillhouse Studios, Charlestown, MA


all rights reserved



Ryan Jordan Boston, Massachusetts

Ryan Jordan is a singer-songwriter from the town of Clifton Park in upstate NY. From the age of six he has been honing his piano skills, and has been playing guitar and writing since high school. Jordan draws his influences from such artists as David Wilcox, Norah Jones, Fink, and Chris Thile. A Berklee graduate, Jordan now resides outside of Boston. ... more

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Track Name: Walking Girl
Just spell it out
I'm breaking harder now
What's the point in dragging me down
The facts they'll set you free
But they just keep lying to me
There's a feeling I just gotta feed

So baby let's tell ourselves
That maybe there's no one else
When really it's clear to see

I'm on a walk for that girl
These shoes ain't stopping for any other
But I guess I missed my turn
Cause I'm chasing after a walking girl

Say anything
Just wanna hear you sing
No matter what the words are
Cause even when they're calling me to stop
At least they're calling to me
But won't you just get out of my head
My body's tied to my bed and I'm begging
Please don't let me love you like I do
Track Name: Split Personality
Call me any name you like
And I'll choose a type to fit the style
(Hey!) I'm Bill and Jack and Daryl too
And every one of us is please to meet you

Because whichever face I wear
You can count on one of me to be there
So come and take a walk with me
We can split our personalities

Tell me what I said again
Because I don't remember anything
Oh yeah it could have been some other me
Maybe Mr. One, Mr. Two, Mr. (5, 4, 3)

It's a complex kind of mind
There's just too many digits to divide
But if you take a walk with me
You can see some personality

Because you know whichever face I wear
You can count on one of me to be there
So come and take a walk with me
We can split our personalities
Track Name: Sleep Reaper
In the corner of the room
Like a passage in the dark
There’s a photograph in sepia, the edges curling
It was damaged from the start

Just let me sleep
And recollect my memories
My light is burning low
Leave a message, cause you missed the window
I’m not at home

Where do our dreams go to die
Cause I’ve been dreaming of the night I lost it all
And I love the way it feels
But it’s killing me

I’ll take the first train out
Don’t need a second thought about it
It don’t feel right without the motion pushing on
Cause taking seconds breaks the
Message into less than what it meant
Now it’s getting so much worse
Being locked inside this restless room
Track Name: Bumpy
I’m leaning on someone’s shoulder tonight
Everyone standing by the television
Why make the feeling when we got the pretty lights
Why set the table when we’re only drinking

We were sailing down a river not a thing gone wrong
She said something about the weather
But it’s getting bumpy, shaky, knotted
Once we let it take control

So I’ll make the next one
Stronger than before
Cause I think I hear the morning calling
But this night ain’t over

They keep asking where you gonna go when the party’s over
Your manner ain’t a matter of fun
But the audio’s lost, now I’m just talking to talk
Feeling claustrophobic at a table for one

So open that door, stop saying my name
If you lock me in I’ll just find some other way
Cause I’m looking out for that sweeter sound
I don’t know my destination but I think I’m going

Down, down down
Track Name: Above The Waterline
River running splits the earth
Drop of water floods the world
Swim until you taste the hurt
Or you float over every turn

The shadow on the harvest moon
A blemish in an empty womb
It brings your skin that evening chill
You see your breath it seems to glow

In the overgrowth
The way ahead is hidden
Like a sunken stone
But it's easier than breaking
From the undertow
So close your eyes and let your senses
Breathe in blind
Just keep your head above the waterline

Your conscience told you not to try
But you instinctually fed the fire
So now you've got to ride the wave
That's flowing from the mess you've made
Track Name: Armor
Let’s skip the pleasantries
Cause I’m not trying to find the flawless type
I caught you looking at me
No need to waste the time to get the feeling right
Now this might mean nothing
But I’d rather have you on my mind
Instead of wasting away
Feeling wasted on a previous time

So lay your armor down
Let’s only know right now
Lay your armor down
Til the morning comes around

Back of a taxi cab
Rollin the windows down but it’s still heating up
Sharing sips, passing back and forth a paper bag
Cause god knows I’ll never get enough
Cards on the table
We both know that this ain’t love
But just for a moment, let’s help one another
Forget what we’re running from

So slip off those shoes and slip
Into my arms
I’m just another one broken
So won’t you go and

Lay your armor down
Let’s only know right now
Lay your armor down
Til the morning comes around

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