A Permanent Stain (EP)

by Ryan Jordan

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"A Permanent Stain" is an acoustic EP by Ryan Jordan. All tracks were recorded in a live session at Chillhouse Studios in Charlestown, MA.


released January 11, 2017

Music & Lyrics by Ryan Jordan
Performed by Ryan Jordan
Mixed & Mastered by Will Holland


all rights reserved



Ryan Jordan Boston, Massachusetts

Ryan Jordan is a singer-songwriter from the town of Clifton Park in upstate NY. From the age of six he has been honing his piano skills, and has been playing guitar and writing since high school. Jordan draws his influences from such artists as David Wilcox, Norah Jones, Fink, and Chris Thile. A Berklee graduate, Jordan now resides outside of Boston. ... more

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Track Name: Start My Heart
There's too many faces in this room
They're calling my name
I'm unaware of any reason that
Everything has changed
So don't look so concerned
I can see the words, but they're just like worms
Arranged in shapes across the page

I feel fine
I just wanna be like we were yesterday
I don't mind if it gets rough
Let's just stay the same
Start my heart, make it beat like a drum
But don't slow down
I'm tired of touching ground

It seems you're trying hard to find the means
To keep the control
Filter out the demons, my disease
Is filling the moat behind your eyes
But I'm alive, won't you clear your mind
Of any worries that I won't be by your side

I feel fine
I just wanna be like we were yesterday
I don't mind if it gets rough
Let's just stay the same
Start my heart, make it beat like a drum
But don't slow down
I'm tired of touching ground
Track Name: Going Down to Georgia
I'm going to the country
Gonna grow myself a rope
I'm just waiting for the night to turn
And when it does I'll don that faded coat

I'm moving to my heaven
Where the fruit does tend to grow
Cause I built myself a family
And now I'm off to build myself a home

Because it's just too cold
And I know our love did grow
But won't you fix that broken smile
Cause I'm just going down to Georgia for a while

They say the sun shines brighter where
The people take their time
And I've heard the folks there work until
The clock tells them to give their porch a ride

It's not about your jacket
It's about the face you wear, and with the
Eyes that I've been wearing
I can tell you now my mind's already there


My bags are in the car and as the
Stars begin to shine
Well I guess I'm on my way to find
The place that fills the space between the lines

I didn't want to leave you but
There had to come a day, when I
Found a boot that fit me better
I'll be gone but I'll remember
When you hear that stormy weather
Know that in my dreams I hear your name

Track Name: A Permanent Stain
Plug into my world
Steal the key just to turn
All the doorknobs that keep me from burning
It’s all up in smoke
I can’t see the way back home

My atrophied bones
Just one touch, they awoke
But now left to be covered in snow
The telephone lines
Are tied to the warning sign

Gone, gone
It’s closer in dreams
But it’s just out of reach
In this cold, cold water
It’s harder to breathe
With these dangerous seeds
Giving off such inviting perfume

A permanent stain
Smilin’ eyes on a face
That keeps twisting the knife in my brain
I pray for the sin
Dig deeper the hole I’m in
Track Name: Your Other Way
Too slow to catch yourself from falling down
Too stoned to pick your face up off the ground
The silence seems so loud

They told you not to walk that traveled road
The way ahead ain’t one you need to know
Just drop your things and go

La la la la la la la la
Your other way

You floundered in the waves to feel alive
The water pulled you deeper through the tide
But on the land you’ll find


You gotta build yourself a wall
Cause god it feels so good to fall
But it’s a long way down, down
So come on find yourself another way

Track Name: Throwing Fire
The engine’s revving down the road
The wipers beat the rhythm to a song that no one knows
Yeah the wheels they keep on turning
And I know it only hurts, but still I
Watch them from my window as they go

Sat in a bed without a frame
Drowning in a bottle til I just forget the name
Oh but it keeps on getting clearer
Every time I throw it down, so cheers to
Memories that’ll keep me in the rain

And it’s all familiar
I’ve been here before
And you never should say never
But I’m finished throwing fire at the war

Some see the writing in the stars
But finding all your meaning drawing lines, it isn’t hard
Cause I’m finished playing games, but still
I can’t forget the way she sounded
When she said she couldn’t draw my card

The easy part is in the past
Now it’s just the wait for how long novacaine can last
Cause the old man said it better
Kid, you only gotta tell yourself
The future it’ll be here in a flash


Come on, give me just a line
Just a word to prove that I’m still on your mind
But the word I hope to free myself
Will only drag me down to hell
So guess I’ll tell myself I’m doing fine
Don’t you ask me cause I said I’m doing fine


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